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Hello and welcome to our fifth grade website! I'm Mr. Scholtz, and I am excited to teach fourth grade at Western Hills Magnet Center!  I was born and raised in Omaha and attended Omaha Public Schools from kindergarten through high school.  I graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a degree in Elementary Education. 

I believe in promoting both personal responsibility and teamwork in the classroom.  It is my goal that my students will not only learn the curriculum, but also develop strategies for working effectively in a variety of situations.  A typical fifth grade day will involve whole group, small group, and independent activities to help students develop social and academic skills. Building a sense of independence will help begin to prepare for the transition to middle school.

In fourth grade, students will note all assignments in their agenda each day.  Aside from special tasks, they will be responsible for three pieces of homework each night- a reading log (recommended 20+ minutes/night), a DLIQ sheet (that describes something they Did, Learned, found Interesting, and a Question), and a behavior chart that should be signed by a parent or guardian.  My students will also find it helpful to study their assigned spelling words, and practice multiplication facts each night.  These are activities that will lead to present and future success here at Western Hills.  If a computer is available, students might visit, math magician, or for both education and entertainment.  Technology is used extensively in our classroom and promotes student engagement. Thanks for visiting!


 Math Websites

Websites for Math Skills

Tangram Video Clip

Tangram Game

Geometric Tangrams

Virtual Tangrams

Virtual Tangrams

ABC Tan-ya Grams

Interactivate Perimeter and area games as well as advanced geometry explorers like the Phythagorean Theorem and Hilbret Curve.

The US Mint for Kids  Learn all about money!

Kids Bank  Learn about money!

Aunty Math  Challenge students to solve a math problem.

Math Magician: Are you a math magician? Answer 50 questions in 2 1/2 minutes.

Kidport Math

Third Grade Math Activities

Bite Size Games

AIMS Puzzle Corner

Math Dictionary for Kids
Interactive dictionary that explains math terms.

A Plus Math Get ready to practice your math skills.

Multiplication Games Many interactive multiplications games available for students at this website.

Mr. G's Place Value
A great mini-site to teach students about place values.  The chart has a thousands, hundreds, tenths, and ones column.  Students can drag counters up and down the chart to create numbers.  Every portion of the Place Value Chart can be hidden from view depending on what you are using the chart for.

Power Lines Phase 2

Power Lines Phase 3

Max's Math Adventure: Use your math skills to complete these mathematical adventures!

Math Hunt: Get ready to explore amazing facts and fantastic math.

Absurd Math Use your problem solving skills to complete this adventure.

AAA Math

Math Playground

Math Slice Interactive math site with fun activities and practice tests.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials, for mathematics instruction.

Interactivate: High level math activities

Interactive Fun Puzzles

Multiplication Games

Tower 23

Kid's Place Houghton Mifflin mathematics:  A great website for all grade levels to practice their math skills and prepare for tests.

Logic Puzzles Get ready to solve some logic puzzles.

Teaching Time
Interactive activities that teach time.

Graph Zone Students can generate bar, line, pie and area graphs.

Coolmath: Online logic, IQ, and memory games.  This site also includes Lemonade Stand, Rush Hour, Tower of Hanoi

Math Mayhem

Funbrain Sudoku

Add Like Mad

Dr. Mikes Math Games

Power Lines Phase 1

Mr. Scholtz


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