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Science Websites




Meet the Greens A site for kids about looking after the planet.

Biomes Pick a biome and learn about the animals and plants in that biome.

Science Learning Find out more about ecosystems, biomes, and habitats.

NatureWorks An overview of ecosystems.


Recycle City Visit Recycle City and learn how the people of Dumptown turned their city around.  Learn how to recycle, reduce, and reuse.


Rocks & Minerals  Lots of research and informational sites.

Rocks for Kids


Electronic Zoo  A vast amount of resources and links to the study of the animal kingdom as well as the environments in which they live.

Kidwings This site has background information, activities, photographs, bird calls, and poetry about birds.  It also has a virtual owl pellet dissection.

The Adventures of Herman  The autobiography of Squirmin' Herman the Worm.

Worm Songs/Poems Try a few...fun!!!


Star Light, Star Bright   Students can explore the EM spectrum.

Laws of Light Try these activities.

EM Spectrum Learn about the elecromagnetic spectrum.

Light Visit here if you want to read about light.

Insight into Eyesight  This program will help you find out more about how your eyes work and how to care for them.

Your eyes  Find out about your eyes.

Cow's Eye This website shows photos and videos of a cow's eye dissection.



Global Warming  Learn about global warming, the water cycle, and the carbon cycle.

Water  Learn the steps of the water cycle.

Water Cycle  Watch and learn about the water cycle.

 Windows  Learn more about climate, weather, and the carbon cycle.

Data Use this site to collect data on the weather.

Challenging Activities Choose from several activities on weather. 


Dinosaurs and Fossils



Let's Talk About Insects Listen & learn all about insects.

Insects Home page
Read interesting facts about insects.



All About Birds Look here to find out about birds.

Bones & Muscles

This site will teach you more about these important body parts. (Plus links to other topics.)

Site 1


Explore Try these online activities about listening.

Find Sounds  Explore a wide variety of sounds. 

Bubble Gum


Nutrition/ Health

Super Kids Nutrition  Learn about eating the right foods to stay healthy.

Learn More Go to this site for some interactive explorations.


Solar System

Kid's Astronomy  Learn about the sun, planets, moons, asteroids and comets.

Game  Can you put the planets in the correct order?

More Games  Put together puzzles, play a memory game, or play shuttle tac toe.

Windows  Choose from several activities on space.

Our System  Visit links to the Sun, and visit the planets and other bodies in the Solar System.

Switch-a-Roo!  Do you know your planets and moons? Try this!

Space Place Choose from activities to learn.

Science Websites

Facthound  This site helps you find information on several topics.

Study Jams 

EEK! Environmental Education for Kids (Gr 4-8). Lots of activities and info.

NASA for Kids

BB C Science

Bitesize Science This site covers Living Things; Materials; & Physical Processes.

Science Bob Choose from a wide variety of experiments.

Hypermedia Textbooks   This web site contains online textbooks for students of grades 3, 4, & 5 to learn about water, matter and energy, and atoms and molecules.

National Geographic  Interactive games and explorations for kids.

Chem4Kids This is an excellent tutorial on scintific concepts. There are no hands-on activities, so the student has to have a genuine interest in the topic!

Science Book Site This site has more info about what you are studying in class.

Visual Dictionary

Geography4Kids  Learn about ecosystems, food chains, erosion, soil and lots more!

Learning Science Click on the area of science you are interested in, then click on the topic!

Physics4Kids Includes motion, heat, electricity & magnetism, & light.

PBS Kids Reinforces problem solving and science.

Zoom from PBS Kids Try some of these virtual experiments.

ZoomBuild You can try these activities from the show.


Land Use/ Soil

Earth Science

Just for Kids  Soil info for kids.

Dirtmeister's Erosion  Investigate, observe & record, report, or learn about erosion.

Geography for Kids  Several earth topics.

Weathering  Learn more about this natural process.


Powerpoints There are several to choose from to learn about plants.

The Great Plant Escape This site has several activities.


Lots of information on plants.

Biology of Plants  This site contains information like how to start plants, parts, making food, pollination, seeds, and adaptations.

Plants  Information, quizzes, links, and activities.

Vegetables  Find out about what you planted.

Flowers  Find out about the flower you planted.

 Learn2Grow Helping you become a more successful gardener.

National Gardening Assoc.  When you garden, you grow.

Garden Guides  Your guide to everything gardening.

About  Ideas, tips, & advice.

The Flower Expert Find out abut flowers from this online encyclopedia.


The Microscope Learn about the parts and functions of the microscope.

 Micro Angela See pictures taken with a scanning electon microscope (SEM).