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Have you ever wondered where ice cream cones, can openers, bubble gum, or fly swatters come from?  The world is full of inventions.  How did these things come to be?  Who invented them?  In this elective we will discover as much as we can about some of the things that we use every day, the people who created them, and how they have made our lives better.  We will think cooperatively and creatively about objects around us.  If you like to read and listen to interesting stories, then this elective is the one you want to take!

Day 1:  What is an invention?

Day 2:  Who is an inventor?  Link one 

Day 3:  What inventions did you find?  Use links from yesterday if necessary.

Day 4:  Top 10 inventions. Link one  

Day 5:  Think like an inventor.  If you finish early, here is a site to go to.

Day 6:  Famous inventors

Day 7  More inventors:   African American  Women  Hispanic

Day 8:  Making things better  Link

Day 9:  Advertising

Day 10:  What did I learn?