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We are ALWAYS looking for Volunteers. No job is too small, and you can't be here too much!

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Three for Me is a national campaign that encourages all families to donate 3 hours to working in the schools.


Did you know that Western Hills has over 385 students? Did you know that we are the home to over 250 families?


Did you know that is every family donated 3 hours A YEAR to school activities we would have over 900 donated hours of work on our hands!!! That is the equivalent of 37 days!!!

We need your ideas, your energy, your input, and your love for your kids.




M.O.R.E. (Men Organized to Raise Engagement)

We really want to get this off the ground this year, but it’s going to take some talented men to get it done.  This is basically Three for Me for MEN!     So why are we making a special section of PTA for men? 


Well, let’s face it, men approach meetings and tasks differently than women.  Yes, it’s a stereotype, but IN GENERAL, men want a faster, more streamlined meeting with less feelings and more concrete TO-DOs.



Staff Appreciation-
Every year we work as a school community to honor and thank the amazing staff here at Western Hills. They work tirelessly to support our kids just as we would at home. At Western Hills we are lucky to have so many opportunities for our students and we want to make sure that the staff here truly knows how much we appreciate them. You could get involved by purchasing or donating items of need, putting together gift baskets, or dispersing information.




This group will work to provide special treats to our staff during birthdays and for special events (baby showers).   




We would really like to make a concentrated effort to THANK all of our amazing volunteers.  Can you come in once a month and help write thank-you cards?   



Room Parents-

Room parents assist the teachers in the classroom. They could be stapling, reading a book, playing a game, passing out snacks, or any number of other activities. No experience is necessary and our teachers are always eager to have family members in their classes.




This group will work to obtain donations from various businesses and groups.  This could be water bottles, gift certificates, or anything else.   



Achievement Stickers

We need people to organize the stickers, put the right number in teacher’s boxes, cross-off who has received them…   



Bulletin Board

We need someone to make sure that our bulletin board is up to date and full of relevant information.




Are you good at calling people?  Would you be willing to talk to people outside and let them know about PTA events?  Then membership needs you.   






Go to our fundraising page and find ways that you can help with some of our extensive and on-going fundraising efforts.


Book Sales & Book Fairs-

Our book sales are some of the most fun events of the year. These are remarkably easy to work! You can take a shift in the evening during an all school event or just after school when you come to pick-up your kids. Short or long shifts are available. You really get to know the interests of the kids and the best part is that these sales earn us points to get spectacular books for the school library. Mrs. Teten will be forever grateful to anyone who works a book fair!



Bake Sales

We offer 3 bake sales a year.  Positions include set-up, clean-up, donating items, selling items at events.   




Can you work the day of the walk-a-thon?  Or can you come in to help us tally room totals?  This event needs advertisers, stampers, water bottle runners…   




Yearly At-School Parties:

Harvest Festival-

In October, we have the opportunity to really build community during our Harvest Festival. This is an exciting event for all ages with games, treats, and stories. We always need family members to pass out treats, run game stations, and just have fun with your kiddos!



Valentine's Party-

In February, we have the opportunity to again practice teamwork and community building during our Valentine's Day Party. This is an exciting event for all ages with games, treats, and stories. We always need family members to pass out treats, play games, and help clean-up!





Family Nights

Approximately once a month, the PTA teams up with the ever enthusiastic staff of Western Hills to present a Family Night. There is generally a theme which allows us to incorporate math and literacy into these fun filled get-togethers. They never really feel like learning because the tireless staff comes during their precious evenings off to play games, serve food, lead tours, and talk. We have held these events at Vala's Pumpkin Patch, Fontenelle Forest, or maybe just at Western Hills. The relaxed environment of these meals (oh yeah, we eat too!) make it a wonderful opportunity to connect with your child's teacher on a whole new level.


Vala’s Family Night

We people to arrive early to set-up, help with food, and serve…



Pancake Night

We will need advertising, set-up, clean-up, PANCAKE makers and more...   




Chili Cook-off

We will need advertising, set-up, clean-up, Chili Chefs and more...